Dance Company Worcester: A diverse, versatile dance group utilizing dance and all it’s genres to create art through motion. DCW is composed of professional, college educated, and street credited dancers, and also by serious students who audition annually for the company. Dance Company Worcester is committed to providing the highest quality of dance for children, teens, and adults.

Dance Company Worcester is a community united by our passion for the arts.  We understand that dance is unlike any other sport or activity.  It is a life-long passion shaping an individual’s character and building friendships.  We are proud of our family of faculty and students.  The connection that our students have with our faculty and with each other is incomparable.

At Dance Company Worcester, our mission is to provide professional dance instruction and instill an appreciation for the art of dance in a safe, high-quality studio environment.  We strive to build confident performers in a community that understands each dancer is unique and progress is measured by being better than you were yesterday rather than being better than anyone else.